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Size 11.5


This California stud towers over you easily and has no problem stomping things beneath him. This includes tiny people and balloons too! Ethan can chow down with the big boys, so he drinks milk from the carton and gobbles down cereal like an appetiser. “Who needs manners haha”, laughs the alpha beast. As for Ethan’s feet, as a surfer and athletic gym God, the jock was quick to respond: “I don’t wear socks. I like wearing flips or just walking around barefoot. My feet fuckin’ reek after a workout. I need smaller things to get under them haha.” With natural presence, dominating attitude and a great body, this All American Jock is ready to stomp your world.

NOTE: Special shout out to the talented creator of studios, for lending me Ethan. Thanks Jay!

Jock Foot Productions

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