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Ethan Swallows Shrunken Neighbor

"I love being a pig. Fuck manners." Ethan says to himself, slurping on the milk from the bowl of cereal he's chowing down on. Shirtless and in his kitchen, the jock belches repeatedly as he at first is unaware his shrunken neighbor has fallen into his bowl. 


"Well look who it is! Little neighbor boy! Fuck you and your Dad", Ethan smirks- dropping the loser into his bowl. He deliberately starts slurping the tiny up into his mouth, then spitting him back out. "How does that feel? Little mini man to a Giant." Then Ethan picks him up and starts purposely belching on him. "BURRPPPPP!!!!!!" The Giant pig lets loose, holding the mini man dangerously close to his open mouth. "I'm glad your shrunk. I'm glad your Dad won't be able to find you. You can both suffer haha." Ethan than greedily gulps the rest of the milk out of the bowl, not even using a spoon. 


Soon Ethan grows bored and picks the tiny back up. "I wonder how you taste. Like a tic tac?" He tosses him in and swallows him. "Down to the belly you go", the jock says nonchalantly. His massive, muscular stomach bloating out. "Now your life is in a stomach. No one is gonna even find you, or notice you're gone." He continues to hiccup and burp. 


7 minutes, 30 sec

Ethan Swallows Shrunken Neighbor

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