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Ethan Talks About His Mouth & Throat

"This is the throat that can swallow any man", Ethan says as he opens up wide- showing his massive maw. A glistening throat, thick pink tongue and teeth meant to chomp any tiny that gets in his way. For the first time ever on JFP, the jocks are not only showing their mouths- they're talking about what they can do with them. "It's easy, chewing up little people." Ethan sticks his finger in his mouth, all the way to the back by his wet uvula. After showing more of his tongue and letting out some wide mouthed burps, he focuses on his neck. 


"Glad I have such a strong neck. Can crush things with it haha." He shows off his Adams apple, and you can see how muscular his throat muscles are from the outside and how easily you would glide down. 


NOTE: Mild cameraman direction.


5 mins

Ethan Talks About His Mouth & Throat

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