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Ethan Hypnotized: "Deep Trance Now"

16 minutes


THEMES: Hypnotism, Trance, Barefeet, Unaware, Verbal


Custom video! The commander's voice comes off the TV screen: "Ready to be hypnotized now...You hear the hypnotist's voice telling you to take a deep breath....relax...good....sinking so gently, so deeply. That's right. And every time you can feel a little better. Relax a little deeper. Let your response be a little more automatic." 


JFP dives into the world of hypnotism, with Ethan sitting on his bed barefoot browsing TV channels. He stumbles upon a program where a hypnotist is speaking and insists he can put the viewer into a deep trance, and get him to repeat phrases and obey orders. Ethan watches with intrigue, gradually succumbing to the hypnotist's power and control- and becomes completely immersed into the world of hypnotism- falling into a state of empty existence where he almost appears doll-like. Like he's a robot. 


NOTE: This is NOT a macro video.

Ethan Hypnotized: "Deep Trance Now"

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