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Ethan Watches TV: Mouthplay, Burping, Foot POV

29 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, NC, Verbal Humiliation, Burping, Hiccups, Feet 
"Poor little Jake. Swallowed by a Giant haha! There you go again- down the throat BURPPPPPP!!" This is Ethan at his most nasty and evil. He's a cruel jock uncle who mocks his poor nephew for being trapped in movies featuring Giants swallowing tinies. He kicks his big, massive size 11s right in front of the camera while he gorges out like a true alpha male. Even though it's the same movie looped because Jakey is trapped in a big bad Giant's stomach. Ethan eats and munches on snacks, constantly burping, hiccuping and being sarcastic. "OOPS! There you go again. You like it though loser. Being eaten all the time. So small. So helpless."
As the scene advances, so does Ethan's intentions on making life even more miserable for his nephew. In the next segment, he actually toys with tiny Jake in his hands as he watches the movies, and reenacts the scenes by popping Jake in and out of his mouth- blowing big belches on him, licking him, causing saliva to be coated on him. He also gets a big hiccup attack at the end, saying "Ooops" repeatedly, burping more and more. 
Experimental for sure, but if you want to see Ethan's big jock feet kicked up while he lets loose belches and humiliates his nephew in his mouth, this is for you. 

Ethan Watches TV: Mouthplay, Burping, Foot POV

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