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Tiny Tour Guide Explores Giant Ethan

9 minutes


THEMES: Size Difference, Giants, Tickling, Tiny Tour Guide, Special Effects, Verbal, Barefeet, Verbal, Consensual (Ethan plays a Nice Giant!)


Custom Video! Timmy the Tour Guide is one of many at a theme park meant to display GIANTS! And today, he's going to talk to you all about Giant Ethan. He starts out by introducing Ethan's big shoe. "Wow, look at the size of that man! It's HUGE!" His enthusiastic voice is not far off from that of an amusement park operator that loves his job too much- or perhaps overtly too much. He brings Giant Ethan into the scene, and the friendly jock towers above us. "Look at his feet. His big toe is literally the size of half my body! I'm gonna climb him. Hey Ethan, I'm coming up buddy!"


"Sure, climb on up", Ethan grins. Timmy gets to the top of Giant Ethan, and admires his biceps. "Wow guys, look at that amazing body! Well, I have a great body myself- but it's not as hot as Ethan's!" When Timmy gets to the top of Ethan's shoulder, the Giant smirks and blows him off- causing the tour guide to plummet to the ground.


"WHOOAA ETHAN NOT COOL BUDDY! It's a good thing I used to rock climb." Timmy is now back at the jock's massive feet, and the Giant Camera man now assists in holding Timmy up for the rest of the presentation (all you see is a Giant hand) so the guide doesn't get hurt. Timmy's enthusiasm, of course, can't be disrupted. He has fun on one of Ethan's big feet, claiming it's like being on a surfboard! Then he decides to tell the audience that Ethan is actually VERY ticklish!


Timmy starts tickling Ethan, getting upset when one of the feet almost knocks him over. "Watch it buddy! I'm fucking paying you for this! OH sorry, haha, guys I didn't mean that!" After going all out and really tickling the Giant, Ethan laughs hard enough to fall over. Unfortunately he passes out and breaks Timmy's camera in the process. "My Nikon!!" 


Fun, quick little romp into a new territory for JFP- Ken Dolls giving tours of Giants. 


Includes enhanced audio effects (Timmy talks with a higher pitch, Ethan with an echo effect) Like it? We can do more! 


Tiny Tour Guide Explores Giant Ethan

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