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Ethan Giant Robot: Power & Control

19 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Control, Coiled Fist, Submission, Robots, Feet, Vore, Butt Crushing (brief)


"Do you remember me?" The doctor asks his droid. "No." The robot responds. "I'm the doctor that created you. You are not human. You are a robot." The doctor (off screen) has created an android jock, named Ethan, that has different chips of programming that can be inserted into his body and will make him subservient to his master- the doctor. In this case, the master wants Ethan to destroy shareholders that wronged him, who are now shrunken down. In one scene, he takes two tinies and squeezes them until they're gone, much to the Dr's liking. "A coiled fist can be your WORST enemy."


Ethan proceeds to battle good and evil, depending on which memory chip is inserted into him. The Dr also has fun pausing Ethan mid motion, showing others he is truly artificial. But ultimately the jock droid stomps, eats and crushes all the tinies that have what's coming to them. "Tell us how powerful you are Ethan", the doctor chuckles. "I'm VERY Powerful", the robot responds. "I can crush any human." This includes butt crushing!


The foot play is really intense. The Doctor commands Ethan to stand up and hover his foot over the tiny stockholders, as if he's a Giant. "Lift your foot up Ethan. Higher." The jock obeys. "Now, I want you to crush them- but do it slowly this time."


Intense ride that has a very science fiction feel to it. If you're into submission and control, this video is for you. Ethan gives arguably his best performance as the empty robot that can only do what he's been programmed to. You also get to get a tour of Ethan's body and mind so to speak, and what is artificial intelligence. "Ladies and gentleman, notice the mouth, the eyes. They are not real. But Ethan is programmed to think he is real."


More of these to come!

Ethan Giant Robot: Power & Control

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