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Ethan Swallows & Burps on Tiny Classmate

15 minutes + BONUS 3 minute Q & A Clip


THEMES: Jock, Bullying, Verbal, Shrinking, Giants, Mouth Play, Burping, Vore, Belly Bloat


Custom Video! Ethan plays the class clown, a ruthless jock who takes pleasure in bullying his classmate while both are stuck in detention- a break room at that. "What's up Sylas! Why are you doing homework in here, huh? Give me that?" He smirks, grabbing the nerd's homework. This is all POV where you as the viewer are in the presence of Ethan.


"Dude you're really small", Ethan smirks at his classmate. "Does anyone else ever make fun of you and tell you that- or is it just me? Cause that's so fuckin weird man." Ethan then randomly let's out a belch. "Dude I'm so fucking hungry. I could eat anything right now. Ha, I could even eat YOU- BURRPPP!" Another one lets out. 


"I admit dude- I invented a shrink ray that shrinks people. And right now- I'm hungry as fuck. And I'm gonna shrink you- and I'm gonna EAT you ahaha!" Ethan suddenly takes out a device and shrinks Sylas down to an inch tall. When the tiny wakes up, he's at the mercy of this Giant Jock- who easily fits him in his massive mouth. Toying with him first on his big pink tongue. "How's that feel? Good? In my big ass mouth", Ethan taunts. He takes his time licking on the loser, dragging him in and out - while verbally teasing that the tiny likes the torture. 


Ethan then gets a massive burping attack, belching with Sylas stuck inside the mouth. His wet tongue exposed and mouth half open. "BURRPPP Oh man, excuse me- BURRPPP!!!- sorry- BURPPPP!" He takes the lame out of his mouth, burps on him and throws him back in. His boisterous burping continues, with Sylas stuck on the tongue. The inside of the throat and tonsils vibrate with each burp. Ethan doesn't care. This is all a game. "How do these burps smell? Tiny little BURRPP man!" 


There is a struggle. The tiny man tries to get out of Ethan's mouth, but the jock burps him back in. "Nope, trying to get out but can't", he says with a mouth full of tiny. "You're a slippery little dude." The struggle continues, and it's evident Sylas is being tossed inside the Giant's mouth by the tongue. "You like this too, you're so weird. BURRPPP!" The poor tiny remains plastered in saliva on Ethan's tongue. "Better stop trying to escape, or I'll swallow you." He then proceeds to give the dude a major tongue bath, smothering him with lick after lick. 


Ethan fights the tiny in his mouth, but quickly swallows him down. "You're feisty- but now you're in my stomach." He then bloats his massive belly out, still letting out burps and mocking poor Sylas for being eaten by a Giant Jock. "This is gonna be your new home. Living in my big ass stomach." He spends time talking about how the loser is sloshing around in his belly. "Like a wave pool, huh?" 


Amazingly HOT Vore video- Ethan's best one to date, with everything you could ask for from a hot jock's mouth, throat, tongue, burping and stomach. 


A bonus is added to this video of Q & A, where Ethan is interviewed about why he likes swallowing tiny people, and if he would do it in real life!

Ethan Swallows & Burps on Tiny Classmate

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