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Ethan Stomps Tiny Town

19 mins, 30 secs


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot Stomping, Verbal, Slow-Motion HD Effects, Vore


Custom Video! Ethan brags about a city he just destroyed to his friend on the phone. He looks out the window of the town he just demolished. He towers over the camera- wearing just shorts and flip flops. "I just grabbed some cars from the scene dude, which I'll get to later." He talks about museums and monuments that he smashed. "Dude we could be Giants and fuck more towns up together! The power you feel when you do that, you can do anything. And the swat teams tried to stop me, but I just stomped em ahaha! Crushed like bugs dude. I even cracked the street itself!"


After the call, Ethan leans in POV to the town he brought back. "You tiny fuckers ready to see what I can do? We're gonna go for round two!


The next setting is in Ethan's bathroom, as he takes a bus out of his pocket and kicks it around the floor- smashing his feet hard on the floor. SMASH! SMASH! Hard, slow mo stomps enhance the effect that a true Giant Jock is torturing this pathetic city. "Here comes the BIG BAD GIANT!" STOMPPPPPP!!!!!! Tinies scatter everywhere. "How does that feel? Huh? Hurt? Good. Did you have any family? OOPS STOMP!!! Not anymore. I LOVE being a Giant!"


He even stomps over and over on the people and cars. Then he gets on the floor, putting tinies and a house between his big sweaty toes. "You know what this house needs?" Ethan says holding it in his big hands. "Some sprucing up with my stinky ass feet." He smothers it between his feet. Smirking. He's having too much fun. He ends the scene swallowing some of the people down his throat- but not before asking which one wants to go first.  "I love the taste of fear." He pops one carelessly in his maw, moans in pleasure as he bites down and then swallows- patting his muscular stomach. 

Ethan Stomps Tiny Town

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