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Ethan Hypnotized: Blank, Stare, Repeat

16 minutes


THEMES: Hypnotism, Mind Control, Deep Trance, Blank Stare, Verbal, M/M


Custom Video! Ethan is back for round two (2) of his hypnosis, once again staring blankly into the screen where he is ordered by an audio to repeat commands. He at first just stares and stares, but soon he starts to zone out- and repeats the words. 


"I'm becoming more and more blank", Ethan says dully. "I can feel my staring becoming simple. My eyes must be completely blank." And so on. Intensely creative and the jock truly does go into a deep, empty trance.


"I obey. I have no choice. I am being programmed- to repeat without thinking."


In the finale, a friend (off screen) puts Ethan in and out of trance. "Told you I could hypnotise you."


"You didn't", Ethan says lazily.


"Yes I did", his friend did.


"You did an entire duration of taking direction and then you said you would serve humanity".


"Not something I would say - or do. All I did was come in here and take a nap." Or did he?

Ethan Hypnotized: Blank, Stare, Repeat

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