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Ethan's Unaware Gummy Foot Crush

Custom Video! "Dude the weirdest thing. I keep walking around my house, and keep feeling stuff under my feet. I don't know what it is." Ethan talks to his friend on the phone and walks around barefoot, unawarely stepping on helpless gummy bears. The perception the camera has is from their view, so all you see is this 6'2 colossal jock and his wide, thick meaty soles smashing the tinies. His feet are so sticky and sweaty, some of the gummy bears stick to the bottoms.


Ethan quickly ends the phone conversation and continues to absent mindedly stomp around. Jumping on them, stomping hard. You hear the constant THUDDING of his beefy soles. You also hear background chatter. Could his roommates be home too? After tons of stomping, Ethan the Giant realizes the stupid Gummies are what's under his feet. "So stupid and tiny", he mocks them. Intense, focused clip that gives you a true POV of being in the presence of a Giant, unaware of the existence of tinies below him. 


12 mins

Ethan's Unaware Gummy Foot Crush

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