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Ethan Shrinks Teammates

Custom! Ethan walks in on the phone with his buddy after losing a game. He's pissed of at his teammates and dumps them onto the kitchen counter. But they're no longer people. They've shrunk down to tic tacs. "Stupid asses lost the game! Now you're just gum haha." Ethan puts one in his mouth and then throws the rest on the floor. He's wearing ratty gym shoes and black socks. He verbally humiliates them while taking them and forcing them all to smell his shoes and socks, then getting barefoot and placing them inbetween his toes. He towers over the camera, a true Giant God, mocking their situation. 


He picks up the coach and dumps him inside his sock, and then decides to go for a run. The jog is off screen, but its apparent Ethan would dump some teammates in the socks, run and then repeat the same humiliation. "You'll now be married to my feet hah! Fresh after a basketball game and two jogs."


THEMES: Barefoot crushing, dirty socks, shrinking, vore


9 minutes

Ethan Shrinks Teammates

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