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Foo Size
Size 12


Coming in from Kansas City, MO is this hot, fine chocolate brother who is as suave as he is vindictive with how he handles puny men. Whether at his big size 12s, or at the mercy of his muscular body- this dude is the real deal. He also has his massive mouth, and does some things true vore fans will relish in, including tongue play, burping and belly bloating. Romello is the full package, and enjoyed dominating in every sense of the word. He's been in the modeling game for a few years now, and can change the tone of his already deep, masculine voice to manipulate you into thinking he's just a chill dude. In fact, he's chillingly evil- and has a guttural laugh when stomping out tinies or cars. When asked about his feet, the thug just laughed and said "Always smelly man. I keep it movin' in the gym and at work. Want these sissy ass slaves down on their knees worshiping my smelly ass feet hahaha!"

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