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StepDad Shrinks & Tortures Son on Halloween

15 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Verbal Humiliation, Belly Bloat, Vore, Burping, Foot Stomping, Magic Transformation, Armpit, Butt Crush & Navel Play


FILE DESCRIPTION: Custom Video! Ethan plays a cruel, hot football jock that happens to be a Stepfather to an annoying college geek named Blake. Blake and his friends, who think it would be funny to trick or treat at Ethan's home (and get some free candy) are scarily mistaken when the jock is unamused. "What the fuck Blake! I told you not to trick or treat dude. You're in college!" He shrinks them down, and dumps them in a bag of candy. He wears nothing but tight, blue boxers. Revenge is definitely on his mind. 


The first thing Ethan does, with a cocky grin on his face, is grab his stepson and toss him into a tiny castle. "Wanna celebrate Halloween Blake? Well here- you sit and watch while I torture and degrade your little friends haha!" He quickly picks up some Halloween candy and dumps it into his hands, stuffing down his greedy mouth. He makes a face and pulls one of Blake's friends out of his mouth. "Oh fuck, I almost swallowed you dude!" He swallows the rest of the chocolate down his throat, threatens to swallow the tiny but instead finds it more terrifying to throw him down by his flip flopped feet. "Here smell my feet instead. How does that feel, huh? Do my feet stink haha?" The tinies quickly get plastered under the jock's masterful size 11s. 


The StepDad, who has football eye pads on, rubs one of Jake's friends on his stinky toes. "Smell that foot. Does it smell like Giant Football Player feet? Huh?"


The Giant is having too much fun. After rubbing the one friend on his feet, he gets another idea. "Hmmm what else stinks??? I know! My fucking belly button and navel haha." He grabs one and folds him into his belly button. "How's that smell loser? You're gonna get tangled in my pubes."


Ethan gets hungry. He has other plans. "Welcome to my little house of horrors", he grins. "Alright Blake, oh you didn't know! I crushed up some of your little friends and baked them in this pie. And YOU'RE gonna watch me eat em!" Poor tiny Blake watches in horror as his Giant StepDad starts taking massive bites of the pie, burping and being a true pig. He even swallows whipped cream from the can. "Isn't this fun?" The father grins down to his helpless son. "I'll eat you too after I eat your tiny friends, how about that? BURRPPPPP!" He lets out a big one. Ethan then keeps eating but is getting full. "This isn't the best view for you Blake. How about my fat stomach?" He places the loser on his navel and keeps chowing down, as his belly bloats out from all the pie. He bloats his stomach out, groaning and patting it.


Then it's back to stomping more friends. "Looks like Daddy is getting his treat this year haha!" His big bare feet come crashing down again on a friend. "You watching Blake? I may do the same - CRUSH- to you!" The StepDad is ruthless. Each punishment seems to exceed the next. He grabs the next tiny friend and drops him in his blue briefs. "How does that smell, huh?" Ethan mocks. He rubs the loser around more, before going to the next game of butt crushing. He bounces up and down on them, his blue boxers jiggling. "You guys are making me tired haha."


The last victim on the menu for torture is Blake himself. Ethan grabs him out of the toy castle for the ultimate torture. He wipes the table off clean, lands little Blake in the center of the table and proceeds to lay his entire muscular body on top of the little. He looks enormous, powerful and ruthless. A true Giant. "How does that smell little buddy? Does it hurt? Does it smell?" Ethan does push ups on Blake, and sucks in his muscular gut up and down so it ends up pounding the little guy into the table. 


After making Blake suffer under his muscular stomach, Ethan picks his StepSon on and grins evilly. "I can't get rid of you yet. There are more trick or treaters coming. I need you as my prop!" 


Hot premiere for Ethan's 2.0 series. Includes slow motion and filter effects, plus original music at the beginning and end. 


StepDad Shrinks & Tortures Son on Halloween

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