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Ethan Watches TV 3: Tiny Trapped

19 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot POV, Heartbeat, Burping, Hiccups


Ethan kicks back his massive size 12s and watches his shrunken nephew trapped in movies with Giants. "Fuck bro, if that Giant doesn't eat you right- I WILL LOL!!!" The jock burps, hiccups, wiggles his toes. A complete man. "Oh man, that Giant has a big ass heartbeat too." THUMP! THUMP! You can hear the Giant's heart in the movie, with the tiny struggling, and GIANT Ethan mocking it.


No vore from Ethan, but plenty of burping, hiccups and verbal domination. Plus you see his big feet all in your face. Minor camera direction. Filmed in 2020.


Ethan Watches TV 3: Tiny Trapped

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