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Ethan Shrinks 2 Losers POV
Custom video! Ethan finds out that his girlfriend's brother and his friend hate him, and called her to tell her he was cheating on her. Angered at their betrayal, Ethan confronts the dorks face on. "You lied about me cheating? You losers. Good thing I have this remote that can shrink things haha!" And just like that, the two guys shrink to an inch tall. Right away the jock kicks his massive flip flops on the table, thudding hard as he mocks them. "Guess I'm a big Giant now! Fe Fi Fo Fum haha!" Ethan decides the best revenge is to play a game. "If you can out run me, I won't crush you." 
The two scramble to get away from the giant as he lands his barefeet on the hard floors, but they're not fast enough. Hiding behind his flip flop, Ethan simply taunts them more before crushing the friend to darkness. He makes the other loser smell and lick his dirty feet clean, all while laughing and taunting how powerful he is. "You know when I said I wouldn't crush you? I lied." BOOM! 
Scene includes both normal and slow-motion effects to enhance the scene and make you feel like you're in the presence of a Giant Jock. 


13 mins

Ethan Shrinks 2 Losers POV

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