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Ethan Punishes & Fetish Shames Employee- POV

17 minutes


THEMES: Punishment, M/M, Male Foot Domination, Fetish Shaming, Armpit Worship, Butt Crushing, Shower, Verbal Humiliation


A cocky CEO jock (Ethan) blackmails his fetish obsessed employee to worship his armpits and sweaty body in exchange that the loser doesn't get fired, or worse- have his fetish discovered. Things don't quite go as planned. This is an intense POV experience where you feel like Ethan is actually putting you through the torture.


"Thanks for being here this morning", says Ethan the boss, who in reality is a 20-something cocky jock who has taken over his father's company and takes delight in manipulating his inferiors to do as he pleases. In this case, it's a mousy employee who is about to have his biggest fantasy fulfilled- being Ethan's foot slave. But at what cost? 


Ethan is already barefoot as he kicks his size 11s on the big board meeting table. "I want to talk to you a bit about something. Your work is great. But we discovered some things that don't fit what we do here." The employee audibly gulps. "Apparently you have a...fetish." He says this as he wiggles his toes and sips coffee. "You have a foot fetish that we've seen already on video. And it's just not going to work out. Our values don't honor what you're into."


The employee denies his fetish, and then admits he's distracted by Ethan's bare feet on the table across from him. "Are you turned on by my feet?" The cocky boss asks with a smirk in his eyes. 


"Yessir", the employee says quietly. "I actually feel more ashamed about you discovering my fetish than my actual termination. And I also-- sort of like it", the employee says this bashfully. Ethan looks bemused, and also curious. 


"I can worship your feet on a daily basis if I can keep my job...I really need it", the desperate employee pleas. 


"Well, you're going to have to endure some punishment before you get what you want", Ethan says coldly. 


"But I like punishment, I told you..."


"Hah", the jock chuckles. "No feet until you endure my other punishments."


"What type of punishments?" The employee now sounds nervous.


"Well...armpit, butt, muscles..." Ethan casually mentions this like he would discuss the weather. "And just overall- a man's body." 


"I guess I'm ready then..."


"Let's start", Ethan says, knocking his briefcase off the table and looking directly at the poor dude. "You ready you little bitch?"


In the boss's bathroom, Ethan undresses to just his boxers- while taunting the employee to smell his armpits. He forcefully grabs him. "Weirdo- smell em you little bitch. Do you like em hairy? Get in there!" 


"Yessir", the slave responds- doing as he's told. Ethan is quick and noncaring. He forces the employee to then be under his butt during an intense crushing scene. This takes place in the living room area as the POV torture continues. 


"You love this don't you? Don't lie", the boss says coldly. "You should be ASHAMED of yourself. How can you like all this? A man's feet, armpits, ass? Fucking weirdo!" Ethan smacks him directly in the audience's viewpoint. "The fact that you're letting me do this to you to keep your job is pathetic!" He forces his armpit back in the disgruntled employee's face. 


"You like men's muscles too?" Ethan asks, flexing for him. "Watch how a grown man should look in the shower." Wearing his tight briefs still, Ethan forces the coward to watch him soap up and water pour on his rippling muscles and six pack. 


Back in the living room, Ethan kicks his feet up on the sofa. "You never told me how bad you wanted them."


"I want them so fucking badly Ethan, you have no idea", the slave pants.


"Ha, I'm gonna make you work for it!" The jock teases, toying with the slave by pushing his feet towards him only to recoil them back. "That's what fetish is all about. The want for something you can't have". 


He starts kicking the employee more in the face. "It's no wonder people ignore you in the halls at work. You're a disgrace!" He finally lets the slave worship his feet in the final minute, plastering them up and down in POV style. After the worship session is over, the employee can't believe it was all a scam to begin with.


"Congratulations you little freak! You're fired!"

Ethan Punishes & Fetish Shames Employee- POV

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