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Ethan's Ultimate Foot Package

36 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Giants, Shrinking, POV, Verbal, Barefoot Crushing, Unaware


Get three (3) Ethan videos in one! All feet, all hot. All masculine Ethan, with those big sweaty jock feet coming to crush you, wearing flips or just going barefoot. He stomps Gummy Bears unaware, and two tiny losers he gets revenge on by using a shrinking power on them and coming towards them like a big bad Giant! He also talks on the phone with a friend about what it was like to BECOME a Giant!


***These include three (3) previously uploaded videos under the same titles. They include: Ethan's Unaware Gummy Foot Crush, Ethan Talks on the Phone About Becoming a Giant, and Ethan Shrinks 2 Losers POV. For descriptions on each of the titles, simply go to Ethan's page and read from the same titles. 

Ethan's Ultimate Foot Package

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