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Ethan Gets Revenge on Roommate

15 minutes


THEMES: Barefoot & Sock Crushing, Giants, Transformation, Verbal Humiliation, Teddy Bear, POV


Custom Video! Ethan and Evan were roommates that usually got along- until one day Evan brought home an "investment" that Ethan did not agree upon. 


"Ethan dude! It's Frosty man!" POV Evan (off screen) the roommate holds up a teddy bear and shows Ethan, who has his big white socks kicked up on the coffee table. Ethan seems bored and unimpressed with this new so-called "collector's item" the roommate has wasted their money on. "I would have spent the money on that laptop instead, but this bear is way more important! Girls will be impressed we had money to spend on it." The two argue over who actually paid for Frosty, with Ethan insisting he watch over the bear the first night. "But he's my investment", whines the roommate.


"Our investment", says Ethan dully. "And you're being a little bitch!"




"No, Frosty is dope! YOU'RE a little bitch!" Tensions mount. 


While on the phone bragging about his new investment, Ethan begins kicking and beating up Frosty in the background. The roommate returns from the call and knows something is wrong. "What's wrong with one of Frosty's arms?" The roommate asks.


"I dunno", lies Ethan- with a smirk on his face. He then slyly kicks the bear off the coffee table with one big socked foot. "You get Frosty, I get my feet up on the table- how bout that?" The crude jock could care less about the dumb bear. Then he smothers both white socked feet on the poor teddy bear. "He can fucking smell these feet haha", Ethan says coldly. "Fuck this stupid ass doll." Ethan kicks him across the room, stomping on him- as the roommate pleas for him to stop. 


Ethan then just picks up the bear and starts body slamming him against the walls and floor of the home. He picks him up again and begins wiping him blatantly on his big size 11s. He also sticks Frosty inside his workout jogging pants. Including behind his butt, where the jock insists he smell everything on his body. 


"Fuck your money. You're still payin me back, and I'm still fucking this doll up!" Wiping him on his soles again, Ethan even goes as far as tossing the bear up in the air and banging him on the ceiling. 


The torture continues when the white socks come off. "Well now your little doll is married to my feet", Ethan smirks- his two big bare feet smothering the poor bear on the couch. "Giant ass feet making this bear look puny. Frosty and my feet are one." He even shoves the bear back in his roommate's face, insisting he smell it to see how bad it smells. He rubs the bear between each of his nasty toes, really going to town. "I always knew YOU liked feet, closet freak. And now Frosty got a taste." 


The finale has Ethan not only stomping the bear out, but literally ripping the head off, until he's just half bear, half stuffing. "Here's what I think of your precious little bear."   

Ethan Gets Revenge on Roommate

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