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Romello's Xmas Revenge: Giant Games

19 minutes


Romello is a cruel jock who hates his Christmas gift that his pathetic brothers got him (the car he DIDN'T ask for!). So he evilly offers them some cold milk. That will naturally shrink them so that Romello the GIANT can humiliate them.


THEMES: Giants, Transformation, Magic, Shrinking, POV, Barefeet Stomping, Vore, Burping, Belly Bloating


Romello is able to magically shrink the car that's parked outside his house and swiftly place it in his hands, and then drop it to the floor.  He stomps the car in front of the two tinies, laughing uncontrollably that their gift is now smashed under his big massive size 12s. Then he proceeds to play Giant Games with his siblings. Starting with Jack and the Beanstalk, only this time it's one of the jock's LEGS that represents the stalk, and he orders his tiniest bro to climb it. But the loser keeps falling back down. "Aw AHAHAHHAHA OOOPS! Try again Tiny TIM!!" 


There is much stomping and foot smothering as the two try to escape their Giant Brother. But it's not over yet. After foot humiliation and car transformations, Romello is hungry. Wearing a white robe and santa hat, he's in the mood for cookies and milk. But he seems to be coming up short- or is he? He simply picks up his two brothers and drops a bowl over them. Then he lifts it up to reveal chocolate chip cookies. His own bros are now food for the Giant! Laughing, Romello chugs a gallon of milk, letting the white liquid ooze down his amazing body. He eats Timmy first, munching obnoxiously before ending the second one down his throat. He's so cruel that after he's finished, he just burps and walks back to his bedroom. 

Romello's Xmas Revenge: Giant Games

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