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Romello vs. Gummy Village

22 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Gummy Village, Barefoot Stomping (A LOT), Hand Play & Pounding, Vore, Verbal Domination


The clip starts off fast with Romello discovering a slew of gummie in his fancy bathroom. "Fuckin dumbass Gummies! IM A BIG ASS BLACK GIANT! GONNA STOMP YOU OUT LOL!" He proceeds to stand on them, grinding his toes into them. He picks some up ansd rips them apart. Placing some between them. He sits on the floor and gets really playful, using his big size 12s to gather the losers up and squish them together. He lines some of them up on one of his feet- showing how 7-8 of them can fit the width of his sole. He stands back up and stomps more. THIS IS A BIG FOOT SCENE for all macro lovers into da feet! It goes on for almost 13 minutes of the video.


After the bathroom, Romello is hungry. He finds more Gummies on his dining room table. TIME TO EAT!! He begins tossing them in by the handful. Obnoxiously chewing. You can see the Giant's wet pink tongue smash into them as he keeps munching on them. You can HEAR the squelching noises from Romello's throat as he swallows them whole. 


"I'm gonna fucking devour you fuckin gummies haha!" Romello opens his mouth wide, showing the poor little candies trapped in his mouth, covered in saliva. 


POUND! POUND! POUND! Romello starts smashing the gummies with his gigantic fists. His hands are massive. He can easily coil them up into a bundle, with his fingers not letting them escape. POUND!!!! 


"HAHAHA!!!" The Giant laughs. "You like being smooshed under my big ass hand?" SMOOOOSHHHH!!!!!!! "Maybe I should make a COILED FIST out of you muthafuckas lol!" He wraps his big sweaty hands around a bunch of them. 


The video ends with him kicking his feet back up, knocking some off the table and laughing. "Stupid ass gummies!!!" The Giant is merciless.


This is a macro video with tons of hand play, foot stomping and vore.

Romello vs. Gummy Village

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