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Romello Talks About Swallowing Tiny Guys

8 minutes


THEMES: Mouthplay, Tongue, Teeth, Throat, Verbal, Vore Talk


"So you can swallow a lot of people with that mouth? Why do people want to get eaten you think?" The cameraman asks. 


"Hell yeah, it's warm in there. About to get cold outside. Get on inside. Soft muthafuckin tongue." Romello opens his mouth wide, sticking his tongue out. Talking about his throat muscles too. The whole video is raw, so it's a back and forth conversation between a cameraman and one of the hottest thugs on the planet. 


"I can swallow a ton of people. Start with the legs, feet first. All the way up to their ass. And their lower back. Up to their shoulders. To their neck." He says this with his mouth wide open and the camera literally going all the way in. "They like the way my tongue feels when I swallow." 


One of the HOTTEST Mouth Videos JFP has done. There is a lot more engagement about the swallowing process.

Romello Talks About Swallowing Tiny Guys

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