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Romello Unaware: "Dude, I Ate My Roommate!"

17 minutes


THEMES: Unaware, Giant, Shrinking, Cereal, Vore, Belly Bloat, Burping, Slow-Motion 


Romello awakes to his alarm in his King Size bed, as his black out drapes automatically open as the stud arises. He wears only a white robe, and starts his day off by groggily going into his massive bathroom, washing his face, and then grabbing breakfast- cereal and milk naturally. As he eats his food, he is unaware that his roommate is only an inch tall- and stuck in the bowl. Romello casually eats the cereal, dodging the tiny and unawarely munching and moaning in enjoyment of the cereal as it deposits into his belly. 


He then takes the robe off, lets out a massive belch, and continues to eat- completely oblivious to his roommate's predicament. He keeps burping, and making mannish noises like a true straight alpha male. 


He finally lifts his spoon, his roommate stuck in milk and saliva, and tilts it into his massive, gaping mouth- showing a huge tongue, throat, teeth and roof. The roommate is swallowed. Romello burps again, looking clueless about what he just swallowed down his gullet. He grunts again. Now with no robe on, he bloats his stomach out and keeps burping, patting his stomach and groaning-  still looking confused. He finally stands up and stretches.


"Damn, where the fuck my dumbass roommate at?" Romello smirks, rubbing his bloated stomach. Then he exits back into his bedroom.


The end.


NOTE: There is NO talking- minus Romello's last words of dialogue. The bulk of this video is unaware, and there are intensified slow motion effects to increase the feeling of being that tiny to a massive Giant. 

Romello Unaware: "Dude, I Ate My Roommate!"

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