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Romello Swallows Tiny Cousin

18 minutes (includes HOT interview!)


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Vore, Food Play (Honey), Burping, Belly Bloating, Verbal Humiliation


Romello discovers his younger cousin has a fetish for Giants. "I was on your computer bro, and you like this LOL?? That's some weird ass stuff." He can't but laugh out loud. "Everyone's gonna find out about this man!" The evil jock continues. "So what is it ABOUT Giants you like so much? Is it the mouth? Throat?" He smirks, pointing to his massive, juicy lips. "Man, OK then. Let's see what we can do." Romello snaps his fingers, and his cousin shrinks right before him.


When he's awoken, he's only an inch tall. His Giant cousin has him in his huge hand, smirking down. "You probably want me to be your Giant, huh? Out of everybody." Romello chuckles again. He has a bottle of honey in his hands, and proceeds to spoon it up - showing his tiny cousin how easily he can fit the whole spoon into his massive mouth. "I know you wanna be next", he teases- and then drops the loser on the spoon, douses him in honey, and licks around the spoon first before lapping him up onto his wet tongue. Slurping him easily into his mouth, then pulling him back out to toy with him. "I'm you're fucking Giant now."


"Let's see how far you can go down MY throat haha", Romello taunts him, shoving the spoon back down his gullet with the tiny trapped on it. "I'm enjoying this way more than you, I promise ahahahahaha!" The jock can't stop laughing and mocking his poor little cousin. Close ups show the open mouth and the spoon lying on the pink tongue with the little stuck on the utensil. "BURRPPP!!!" The Giant starts burping open mouth belches, along with deep hiccups. As he jolts with each hiccup, you can see the tiny cousin sometimes pop partially out of the mouth. "HIC!!! Aw man, you like this huh? HICCUP!"


Romello takes his tiny cousin out of his mouth and proceeds to smother him with lick after lick, constantly commenting that his cousin loves the degrading aspect of being toyed with by a Giant. After this, the speck is thrown into a water glass that Romello picks up and taps with his fingers, laughing that his poor cousin can't breathe under the water. "There's only ONE way to get this water outta here. Bottoms up!" He picks up the glass and swallows a massive portion of it, with the tiny still stuck at the bottom. He casually drinks it with the little now plummeting down to his stomach. 


He bloats his belly out, hiccuping and laughing, patting it and mocking the loser's fetish. "I can feel you there little guy." The tiny will now be part of Romello forever. 


This vore video features a three (3) minute interview where Romello is asked questions about what it was like to swallow the tiny, and why he's intrigued about fulfilling the fetish. 

Romello Swallows Tiny Cousin

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