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Romello the Giant Boss

26 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Hand Torture, Shoe Torture, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Verbal, POV


In his big premiere, Romello plays a VP of a company that he finds himself frustrated with- especially his primary department managers, who aren't getting their work done. "Get them in here, all of them." He says with aggravation to an assistant. He calls a meeting to get them in, and when they sit down they get it good.


"Why the fuck isn't my paperwork done", Romello the boss demands, with his deep demanding voice. He picks up a very beautiful decorative bowl and claims to the team his grandfather gave it to him. "It's going to come in very useful. Just you watch. This bowl has powers. It has the ability to shrink things. And when I got muthafuckas like you, that don't do your job- you gotta be put in your place."


The camera zooms in on the bowl, and when it pans out suddenly the staff has been shrunken to only inches tall. All stuck in the bowl, and now at the mercy of their GIANT boss. "Look at you Marcus. You fit in the palm of my hand", Romello chuckles- holding one of them. "All of you shrunk in your little suits haha." He then picks up a small cage and throws all of them in, making them watch as he tortures each one individually- starting with the new guy, Jake. "I want you guys to watch", Romello laughs. "This is what happens when you fuck up my paperwork." He starts to flick Jake with his fingernail. Then he picks up one of his best guys, Robert, and forces him to kiss Jake- the two barely bigger than the Giant's tiny finger. He pounds the tiny loser that is Robert onto the table with his big fist. "You were one of my best, and now you're biggest fuck up in the company!" BOOM! He fist comes down again. 


Romello then takes one of his nice dress shoes off, and uses his hand to slam it on a tiny. "OOPS! My fault haha! I didn't see you down there. You're so tiny." He continuously slams his big shoe on the loser, over and over. He then takes another one  and decides to put his barefoot on him. "Yeah you fuckin bitch, you like being inbetween my toes huh?" He rubs him all over the sweaty soles. "Smell my stinky ass feet!" The Giant demands. "Smell them bitch. You my bitch now lol! You can go home to your family and tell them why you smell like my SMELLY ASS Foot!" He continues to rub the tiny across his massive size 12 bare sole. "You like that stank huh?" The cocky boss even places him on top of his toes. Grinding his whole body in the stench. 


Soon Romello takes off his dress shirt, his big feet still clobbering the tiny, helpless managers. It reveals his hot six pack. He then stretches out both his bare feet on the coffee table in the office, wiggling his toes and continues to verbally abuse them. "Im the muthafuckin Giant bitch!" 


In the next scene, the sun has started to set- with golden rays of light hitting Romello's sexy dark chocolate chest, as he ponders what to do next to his shrunken slaves. "I think I want to sit on you guys next ahaha!" He starts to show off his ass, wearing only his black boxers. "It's got a little meat to it haha, yeah you like that!" Romello laughs as he starts to bounce up and down on them with his thick, bubble butt. All of the tinies are suffering underneath the Giant. "Retirement party for you muthafuckas!" The jock shows no mercy or intent to stop, as he continues. He really works his muscular body as he grinds up and down like he's working out- with all the tinies plastered underneath on the stool. Mirror reflections show how much shape the jock is in too. He gets more aggressive as he keeps bouncing up and down on them, intensifying the humiliation. 


In the Grand Finale, Romello decides to play Jack and the Beanstalk with his employees - as he playfully stomps on them with his bare feet on the same hallway he used to sit on them earlier. His guttural laugh is uncontrollable. "FE FI FO FUM!!" STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Giant giggles as his massive 12s come thudding down on his shrunken team. He continues to smother them with his smelly toes, poor Jake even losing a leg in the process. 


An intense, HOT ride with our newest Jock- and one that delivers in every form possible. Bama is the real deal!

Romello the Giant Boss

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