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Interview with the Giant feat. Romello

14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Interview, POV, Butt Crushing, Foot Domination, Belly Button Explore, Armpits, Verbal Humiliation


"Why do you like being a Giant?" Asks the off screen interviewer. 


"Giants are heros." Romello, a hot dark chocolate brother, answers. He has the talent to become a Giant with the flash of a hand. "Who wants to be little?" 


"Well I'm only 5'3", squeaks the camera man.


"Man, that's pretty little." Smirks Romello. The entire time Romello has his big size 12s up on the ottoman and white socks on. Soon he takes them off to reveal his sweaty barefeet. 


"How big can you get?" 


"About 300 feet. Makes it easier to step on building haha." 


The interviewer inquires about insurance policies for the destructions Giants make. "Not my problem", the jock answers coldly. 


"Your feet get smelly?" The camera man asks. 


"Hell yeah they get sweaty as hell." The Giant says. Wiggling his toes on his wide feet. He starts to giggle. 

"You think all this is funny?"


"Hehe yep. I LOVE squishing little ass people under my feet. It's easy..." The laughs get harder. 


The interview then takes a bad turn when Romello is asked about an incident where he lost a battle to another Giant. 


"Why you even ASK me, bro? MAYBE I should shrink YOU!" 


And that's exactly what happened. Soon the black King is towering over the tiny. "Look at you now ahahaha! SMALL AS HELL!"


The tiny tries to crawl up Romello's leg, but he falls back down multiple times. And the jock just laughs and laughs. 




"Come here and sit on my stomach bitch! Sit in my belly button lol!" The tiny does, in POV form, and the muscular bloated chest is massive. Romello keeps taunting. This goes on a few minutes as the tiny keeps falling back in the belly button. The jock laughs and laughs.


In the next scene, Romello has his Giant size 12s kicked toward the tiny. "Smell my feet peasant hahaha!" The tiny must oblige. After more of this, Romello takes off his joggers and has tight boxers on.


"Im gonna SIT on ur ass now haha!" He proceeds to butt crush the loser, while also putting him on his biceps and under his armpits. Poor interviewer - now a stain under the Giant forever. 


NOTE: Camera angles are sometimes turned upside down for the POV effects. 

Interview with the Giant feat. Romello

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