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Romello Watches TV: Vore & Barefoot Worship

22 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Magic, Barefoot Worship, Vore, Hiccups


Romello had a tiny stepbro named Oliver, who finds himself trapped in a computer being chased by Giants in various movies. Romello had always bullied Oliver for his size, and this time he is even more cruel- mocking what's happening as huge Giants swallow the loser down- repeatedly. 


The hot thug kicks his big smelly size 11s up towards the camera, and is verbal throughout the entire video. "I'd step on you too with my smelly ass feet haha", he mocks- noticing the Giant himself is stomping towards Oliver. "You ain't gonna hide from that big muthafucka either haha! HE's gonna EAT your tiny ass!!!" When Oliver is tossed down to the stomach, you can hear the Giant's heart beating from above- causing more laughter from Romello, and the fact that the tiny is trapped.


Later after reacting, Romello picks Oliver up out of the computer and starts mouth torturing him as the Giants do the same to the tinies on TV. He gets hiccups, licks him, and even mentions that the tiny stepbro seems to like the humiliation. 


He also talks about his feet a lot. "Damn my feet stank! Sweaty ass feet!" He even smells them himself, laughing Oliver used to love smelling them and being under them. Plenty of foot and vore themes for macro fans alike! 


At the end of the video, Romello does say "Oops" sarcastically a lot in repetitive form, showing he really doesn't care about his poor stepbro's situation. Abstract fetish at it's finest. 

Romello Watches TV: Vore & Barefoot Worship

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