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Romello Gets Hypnotized: Foot Worship

9 minutes


THEMES: Hypnotism, Unaware, Mind Control, Foot Worship, Barefeet, Socks, POV


CUSTOM! Romello stars as Darnell, a hot thug who has a  friend invite him over to his apartment, and insists he can hypnotize him by just using a necklace. "I promise nothing will happen once you're in a trance", lies the friend. Darnell doesn't believe him, but once the friend (off screen) dangles the jewelry in front of his face, he is instantly in a trance- and frozen. 


"I can't believe it worked!" The friend is amazed, playing with the jock like a doll- who doesn't move. "What he doesn't know is I also have a foot fetish. And I'm going to worship your feet now Darnell lol." The friend proceeds to take advantage of Darnell's frozen state- starting with taking his shoes off,- and sniffing them. They smell just like a real man's foot should- rank and hot. "Do you want me to rub your feet Darnell? Are you helpless Darnell", chuckles the friend. "You're helpless because you're lifeless."


He rubs the socks over and over, and then asks Darnell if he can take the socks off. Knowing his friend is under his control. "Yeah, of course you can haha", the friend laughs, answering his own question as he takes them off and can't believe he gets to smell Darnell's bare feet. They stink so bad. After the hot session, the friend has to leave for work. But not before putting each one of Darnell's smelly white socks in each of the robot's hands. "I have to go, but I'll be back in 10 hours. Will you be waiting for me?" He forces Darnell to nod yes. After he leaves, the screen pans back to Darnell just sitting in the same position- holding his socks- completely motionless, as a clock tick tocks away on the nightstand.


Romello Gets Hypnotized: Foot Worship

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