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Zain Shrinks Loser Teammate

"You wanna know why they call me the King? Because got these super cool powers that I can do anything with!" With that, Zain shrinks Matty right there in the grass. No matter where Matty tries to run, he's met with the Giant's huge foot, and the soccer ball. Now Matty has become part of the game he lost himself. Zain laughs mockingly, continuing his foot stomping. "Let's play another game. Jack and the Beanstalk! Fe Fi Fo Fum!" He stomps his feet in the long, green blades of grass as Matty tries to outrun the Giant. The outdoor fun isn't the end either. 


Back inside the house, Zain dumps Matty from a small box he put him in and kicks his flip flops off, revealing dirty soccer feet. "You cost us the game. And now you're gonna redeem yourself. By worshiping my big stinky feet haha." Zain is full of cruel sarcasm for the tiny who though the Soccer Giant was his friend. He was wrong. "Oops! Did tiny Matty get stuck on my big toe? Get down there. Can't believe you love my smelly feet. They reek." 


"I might not even grow you back. After each game you can just take care of my stinky ass feet. Are my smelly feet too strong for you? These are King feet here." Zain continues to mock his teammate, and then finally decides to keep him as a pet. Matty was never seen on the field again. Intense and hot introduction for this new confident model! Hot outdoor foot scenes blend well with the indoor, with plenty of lax, sarcastic verbal domination. 


17 minutes, 45 seconds minutes

Zain Shrinks Loser Teammate

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