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Zain's Giant Gamer Feet- POV

Back in the Giant's lair, poor Matty is at the mercy of Zain the Giant. As the hot stud kicks back and plays video games, he mocks the tiny loser who is under his dirty skater shoes. "I bet you want me to take my shoes off, so you can see my big smelly jock feet." As he continues to play away with street fighters, he chuckles and slowly kicks his sweaty shoes off- revealing barefeet that are fit for a King. "You're not even gonna focus on this game I'm playing Matty! You're gonna focus on these feet hehe." Soon more taunting begins. "I wanna see you climb to my big toe! Mt Everest feet here!" The offer is true, and poor Matty now is at the mercy of a true Giant. 


At the bottoms of Zain's toes, the game of Jack and the Beanstalk really begins. "Climb little buddy! Climb up my leg! Uh oh- fe fi fo OOPS! You fell hahaha." Matty keeps trying to climb up the jock's massive legs, but struggles and plummets back to the floor. Zain even toys with him and blocks him from climbing with his meaty toes. Finally he finishes and wins the game. "The agony of De Feet, ha! Smell these stinky ass feet! OOPS!" 


This is one HOT clip, and the first time JFP has explored Giant Gamers. Want more? Let us know!


14 minutes

Zain's Giant Gamer Feet- POV

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