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Zach Burps & Mouth Tortures Tiny Cousin

"Tick tack Jack haha" laughs Zach, the cruel skater boy jock that loves to bully his helpless 1/2 inch cousin when ever possible. He examines him in his hand, putting him close to his massive mouth. Playfully acting like he's going to put him inside the giant cavern, but then pulling back. He finally tosses him all the way in, moving him around on his huge tongue.  As if that's not enough, Zach begins to burp continuously on the little- massive belches from all angles. "Sorry there buddy, I won't BURRPPP on you again." He even catches a bad case of the hiccups, and you can visibly see the tiny trapped inside on the tongue as Zach's body jolts up and down from the body functions he can't control- but loves to torture his cousin with. After much humiliation, the jock swallows the tiny down- commenting on how he can even see and hear his heart beating, and now stuck in his stomach. VERY hot vore clip for anyone that has a fetish for guys who belch while playing with their food. 


21 minutes

Zach Burps & Mouth Tortures Tiny Cousin

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