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Zach Burps & Eats Helpless Gummies

Zach the cruel Giant skater boy comes across a small gummy village and spares no one. "I love fuckin dummies!" He chuckles, easily piling them down his gullet. Whether its picking them up individually or stuffing tons in his mouth, Zach is a massive pig. He belches, hiccups, coughs, and lets his pink tongue humiliate them until they're swallowed whole. Loads of close ups of this jock's masculine mouth, throat, teeth and tongue. Belches are continuous, not just at the very end. Zach even gets a case of hiccups at the finale because he's eaten so many of the poor, defenseless little guys. A clip not to be missed for any true vore fan! 


9 minutes

Zach Burps & Eats Helpless Gummies

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