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You Belong to Me

21 minutes 


THEMES: Giant, Boss, Corporate, Tiny, Athlete's Foot, Barefoot, Dress Shoes, Dress Socks, Verbal Humiliation


This video is for those that have dreamed of a hot CEO or executive dominating them. This video primarily focuses on footplay in a variety of forms. Enjoying being trapped in dress shoes while the boss is on the phone. Imagine being used as a deep foot scratcher, cleaning out the gunk of an executive’s toes. Experience what it is like to be trapped by a musty sock for hours on end. If any of those interest you, then this is the one for you. 


Jason loosens his tie and unbuttons his shirt as he relaxes in the hotel room. He strips off his shoes and flinches at the horrid stench of foot funk. 


“Aww man” he says as he continues to remove his socks and kicks back onto the bed. 


“Hey man remember all the times, I had you help me out. Smelling all that funk between my toes” he chuckles as he taunts his assistant. Jason knows that to fire the man would be to end his career on the spot. 


The assistant sucks at his job but is a damn good foot servant. However, like all things, this too must come to an end. He drops his tiny assistant to the ground and puts back on his socks. His well worn socks are so abused, you can see his pink flesh through the socks. He slowly smashes and stomps the assistance into the carpet. The tiny body fully covered by the musty feet of the CEO. 


“Just think, this is the last time you get to experience all of this” Jason says as he continues to smash and grind the small man under him. 


With the initial taunting done, Jason needs to get back to work and slides his feet back into his dress shoes. Not forgetting about the man, he shoves the little assistant into the side. 


“It is pretty tight in there” Jason teases as he uses his finger to push the man deep into his rancid shoes. 


Trapped in the funky cavern, the little man is forced to endure all the boss has to offer. The pools on the spongy insole, the intense heat radiating off the foot, buckets of sweat soaking his skin, yet the stench. That horrid horrid stench is the worst of all. The assistant can barely remain conscious as the vile concoction saps away his will to live. 


Thankfully, Jason’s feet start to itch so bad he has to remove his shoes once more. His size 13 feet on full display as he does his best to alleviate that annoying sensation. His toes wiggle and splay out as his fingers dig deep between them. But he doesn’t have time to worry much, the meeting is coming up and he needs to go. The tiny assistant still stuck under that rancid foot. 


Jason sneaks into the bathroom as his feet are just killing him. This time he removes the tiny assistant and uses him as a deep foot cleaner. He grabs the man and shoves him between his grimy feet, using the assistant as a tiny sponge. 


“GET IN THERE” Jason orders as he squeezes the man’s head between his toes. 


“Ohhh yeah that feels so much better” he continues to torment the man and really digs out all that toejam with his face. 


Finally, his itch was relieved. He decides to not get rid of the assistant afterall. Yet, he doesn’t really care about the babbling man and puts his dress shoes back on, ignoring the pleas of the tiny man. Standing up he takes a phone call and paces around the room. Each step smashing the trapped tiny more and more. Crashing down, Jason continues his talk and props his feet up to relax a bit. Those smooth-soled bottoms fill up the bulk of the camera as he continues to talk. His feet rocking back and forth as he gets lost in thought. When the call ends,he squeezes his shoes and starts talking to the stuck man. 


“You know, you can do whatever ya want going forward and I won’t get rid of you, only if you help me out. Ok?” Jason says without waiting for an answer. Besides, who listens to a tiny anyway? Standing up he heads back to the jobsite, the assistant forever an insole.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

You Belong to Me

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