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Worship Your God

13 minutes


THEMES: POV, Barefoot Teasing, Verbal, Taunting




Logan lays on his bed barefoot, sweating, and flexing. He wants you to worship him. "Do it, like the GOD I am. The Jock I am. HAHAHA Sniff these sweaty ass feet bitch." He throws them in your face, POV- laughing and mocking your lust. You're powerless and weak, and at his mercy. 


11 minutes of actual worship, followed by 4 minutes of cameraman direction with the deleted clips and watching Logan get told what to do, which showcases his sensual and fun side as he giggles - "Ah okay, so like put my feet here?" 

Worship Your God

  • Download link from PDF for MP4 dropbox download.

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