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Worship Tyrone's Feet- POV

9 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: M/M, Barefoot Worship, VERBAL, POV


"Im a new boss", Tyrone says, cracking his toes. "Make sure you get ALL in there. Every sweaty part of it. Lick em too. You like them Yellow sweaty ass feet don't you bitch? Clip my toenails with your teeth." Tyrone is a thug with big size 12s- and wants you to smell them. He loves that you're a slave. To his power. 


"Go ahead. Get your dream out of it. Sniff em. IM MASTER TYRONE. You gonna make sure you take care of these feet for master?? ANSWER ME SLAVE! Muthafuckas gonna sniff these every morning, night, noon. Dont matter."


He also kicks up his dirty feet on his balcony, and smokes outside on his balcony. "You like these dirty ass feet huh?" The thug asks, casually. Wiggling his toes. He smokes his cigarette, then blows the smoke right at you. "I don't care if you don't like the smell, bitch you belong to me now. Just keep smelling these dirty ass feet."


One of the most VERBAL jocks we've had.

Worship Tyrone's Feet- POV

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