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Worship Trevor's Stinky Feet & Pits

13 minutes


THEMES: POV Barefeet, Gym Shoes, Self Foot Sniffing, Armpit, Sweat, Verbal


FILE DESCRIPTION: "Oh man what a workout, you tiny bitches don't know what its like to do that workout haha", Trevor says, grunting and kicking his feet up- muscle flexing at first. He sniffs his armpits, making a face that shows its sweaty and smelly. "I can smell myself in this tank top." He lifts his armpit and sniffs it again. "Wanna smell my armpit, huh? Puny little man." Then he takes his shoe off and sniffs it. "Oh man, stinky ass shoes man- wow!" He inhales again, now evident he's been wearing shoes without socks. 


The jock then grabs his foot and picks at his feet. "Come here little bitch, and clean my toes out." He keeps comparing his armpit smell to his sweaty foot stench. "These stinky fuckin' feet, clean them out. Dirty, stinky, you fuckin slave- wash my feet." Trevor starts getting more and more verbal as he degrades you with his sweaty soles. He demands you come back to his hairy chest and worship it as well. All in a POV motion like you're in the moment. 


The scene ends with Trevor just kicking his feet crossed towards you. "Smell my stinky ass feet, yeah do it!" He's demanding and in charge. 


Worship Trevor's Stinky Feet & Pits

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