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"Worship My Feet, Loser."

13 minutes


THEMES: M/M, POV, Foot Worship, Blue Jeans, Barefeet, VERBAL JOCK


"Wow, I got some BIG, dirty ass feet. You guys like that, huh?" Ken kicks back with his size 13s- in blue jeans, on his bed. He chuckles. "Oh yeah, they def smell. That's what happens when you work hard. As hard as I do at least. Bet you'd love to be in there, wouldn't you? Bury your face in there. Your nose. Breathe in that stinky ass air, like a vacuum." 


The jock puts his feet right in the camera, so you get an up and close personal experience under the stud's soles. "Size 13s all up in your face. Question is would any of you know what to do, with a foot the size of your face haha! Guess there's only one way to find out. Make yourself useful."


"Yeah you like smelling my dirty ass feet. These massive 13 size paddles." Ken moves his feet up and down, getting more intense as you're stuck under his soles. You are completely under the jock's control. 


Nonstop VERBAL foot domination.

"Worship My Feet, Loser."

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