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WillZilla! Butt Crush Attack

17 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrunken Town, Foot Crushing, Butt Crushing (major), Jock Strap, Verbal, Town Destruction, Muscle Play


For those that like to see a hot jock utterly decimate a city. This is for you!


Will is a terrible beast who loves destroying manthills. The towering titan slowly roams the streets enjoying his absolute power. The large footfalls rocking the land and smashing anything unfortunate to land under his sole. The giant taunts the tiny town, showing how truly pathetic they are in this world. Licking his lips, he finds his first target. 


Resting his foot onto the unfortunate building. He slowly increases the weight. The building creaks and groans as the pressure builds until…




It collapses with explosive force. Will just laughs at the destruction caused 


“Good riddance” He says before continuing his rampage. 


“Run little ones, run in fear of my giant body” he says as he smashes and destroys more of the town. 


Seeing the largest building in town. The titan straddles the structure…


“You all want to be crushed under my ass…” he says, turning around. Dropping into a squat he barely scrapes the roof.


“Not yet…” he chuckles as he continues to squat over the building. Each one could be the end of the tinies within until….SLAM


Will bounces up and down on the remains of the structure making sure that nothing remains when he is finished. The jock god quickly smashes another building under that bulbous butt before stretching out and showing off his dirtied soles. 


“If you want to live, you better get to cleaning” he demands. But it is all a ruse. Even as the tinies try their best to clean the massive man, he casually picks them up and tosses them to their doom.




Tired of the worship. Will begins to pull entire buildings from the foundation. Stacking them together, he then slams his massive ass onto the pile. 


“You like that, you like being destroyed under this perfect ass” he slaps his bulbous cheeks to emphasize his point. 


The titan grinds, bounces, and crushes building after building. Laughing and taunting the tinies perishing under his rear. More and more is destroyed under the titanic booty and Will enjoys every second. Feeling his jock tightening, he quickly strips it off and continues the rampage naked. 


Taking a seat in the middle of the city. He reaches out and grabs more buildings. His muscles bulge and flex as he tears them apart bearhanded. The structures stand no chance with his horrific power. His killer smile betrays his beautiful face in the process. As he tears open the buildings he grabs the tasty morsels within and swallows them down without a second thought. He gives his belly a good smack before devouring more. 


Getting up, he looks back. 


“Well that town’s gone. I guess I am somewhat satisfied” he comments before heading out to destroy more. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.

WillZilla! Butt Crush Attack

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