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Will Foot Tortures Tiny Cousin

Will is cocky, arrogant and sarcastic. Wearing skater boy chucks and brining his skateboard in from an outdoor activity, he discovers a tiny intruder on his living room floor. Chuckling, he approaches the loser and towers over him. "What do we have here haha? You're pathetic compared to these size 11 feet." Comparing him to his shoes, he stomps around him before taking his shoes off to reveal he was wearing them with no socks. His feet are sweaty and smelly. He stomps on him a few times, comparing himself to a Giant, before getting on the floor and stretching out by his skateboard- as the tiny is trapped underneath. Scenes also include him putting the little between his toes and mocking him more.


14 minutes

Will Foot Tortures Tiny Cousin

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