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"Where's My Stupid Tiny Son?" Part Two

16 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Unaware, Cereal, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Hiccups, Belly Bloat, Verbal Domination


SUMMARY: In part two of the series, the Giant Jock Dad that is Johnny Ford decides to have bowls of cereal. Little does he know poor Oliver is trapped inside the breakfast, and is soon scooped up into his Dad's mouth and swallowed whole. The jock continues eating, burping and wondering aloud where the shrunken loser could be. 


PLOT: "Fuck where is my stupid ass son?" Johnny makes a bowl of cereal, not seeing Oliver sitting on top of the cereal box. The loser falls in, but the father doesn't notice him. He pours milk into the bowl, and with a big spoon begins to munch on the cereal, eating around Oliver.


"Stupid Oliver. Stupid, sad, annoying Oliver." MUNCH! MUNCH! MUNCH! "Kinda like him not being around- BUURRPPPPP!" He lets out a massive belch. "Oh fuck, BURRPPP! Cereal is making me gassy." The jock keeps burping more, talking about how much he hates his son and that the tiny could have easily fallen into his cereal. What would that be like?


"God it's like a fucking jungle out there", Johnny says- raising his spoon. Oliver is trapped inside the spoonful, but falls back into the bowl and narrowly misses his jock Dad's big mouth.


"Fucking Oliver & the Beanstalk- BWWARPPP!" His Dad says sarcastically, mocking the fairy tale. "What a fuckin- BURPPPP- dumbass!"


After a bunch of burping and taunting, Johnny has still not located Oliver. As he lifts his spoon with the tiny caught on the spoon, he nonchalantly says "I better keep my eyes open" and in slow motion, opens his mouth as Oliver and the spoon go down his throat. But the jock is not done eating. He pours more cereal into his bowl. And with his son unawarely trapped inside his muscular stomach, the jock continues to burp and eat mannishly. 


"It would be funny if I actually swallowed- BURPPPP- Oliver haha", the Dad mocks- not knowing he already has. "He'd be in my fucking stomach now. Maybe BUUURPPP he's causing me all this gas and burps haha! FE FI FO FUM- I gonna BUUUURPP eat my Step Son!"


After finishing the bowl, bloated and uncaring, Johnny mocks "Guess I won't have to look for the loser after all."

"Where's My Stupid Tiny Son?" Part Two

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