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Warren Swallows Tiny Classmate + Q & A

24 minutes 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Consensual, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Q & A


For those who like a gentle giant with a large stomach. This is the video for you. 


Warren is a classmate of Silas. While Silas wants to study, Warren is interested in tasting Silas- in a loving, warm fashion. "Are you sure you want to do this work? I'd rather just hang out with you."


Warren is ready to let his friend experience a trip of a lifetime. The soft-spoken titan assures his friend that everything will be alright. His perfect smile and beautiful eyes calming any possible fears. Warren leans in and 




The guest is now shrunken to only a few inches in height. At his new size, the little guy can see Warren in all his glory. The stud looming over him with that adonis-like body. His perfect hands reach out and easily snatch the man high into the sky. Just as the tiny wished, Warren slowly rubs him all over his body. 


Up and down his mountainous abs, pressed into that perfect stomach, drawn through the valley between the pecs, and finally pressed deep within his armpit. 


“Can you smell that, ooh I bet that smells really good in my armpit” he jokes. 


Warren pulls the man out and inspects his tiny friend. He just grins as he notices the man enjoying each and every second worshiping him. Yet, that was just the appetizer. It is time for the main course. Warren slowly lowers the tiny into his mouth. His wet tongue is so sticky, the little guy is glued to it. 


“Mmmm has anyone ever told you that you taste so delicious?” The titan comments. "Here, let me give you a little kiss." PECK! Warren treats his classmate like a boyfriend.


Like a wild roller coaster, the tiny man is tossed and turned throughout the mouth. The wet smacking of his lips and the gnashing of teeth can be heard in great detail. He opens his mouth and shows that dark, wet cavern for all. The tiny man loving every second of it. Warren slams his teeth together and starts to grind the tiny man between them.


Warren lays on his back, his beautiful hazel green eyes SMIZE towards us. He has beautiful cherry red lips. He loves Silas, and wants to keep suckling on him.


“How does that feel? Do you like it?” He taunts before letting the man go. 


Slowly, he uses his tongue to move the tiny guy to the back of his throat…




Warren sends the guy down his throat. He tracks the man’s journey with his finger, slowly tracing the path along his body. Now in the stomach, Warren grins. He shows off his massive stomach, rubbing it to help with digestion. 


“See I said you’d like it” as the sounds of digestion take hold. 




Adapted by MaxTiny.

Warren Swallows Tiny Classmate + Q & A

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