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Warren Punishes Pet, Part 2
35 minutes
THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Magic, POV, Armpit (MAJOR), Mouth Play, Sleeping Giant, Heavy Breathing, Foot Play, Vore, Food Stuffing, Muscle Explore, Robot



With a snap, the little man takes control of the titan. The hot jock’s face goes blank as his mind is wiped. With a gorgeous titan at his disposal the tiny man begins exploring. The tiny man crawls up from the massive foot to the chest. The rippling muscle is in full display as the tiny man oogles the giant. He trips and falls into Warren’s pit, but it is ok. The giant easily picks him out.


The little guy asks to see his feet. Immediately, Warren drops him to the floor and models those stompers. At his size, those perfect feet are like mountains. The legs stretch high into the sky as the camera rocks from the wiggling toes. Warren takes a set and props his feet up allowing the tiny man to climb and explore. 


With the feet worshiped and the tiny tired, He asks to be massaged with that warm wet tongue. With a small toss, the man is launched into the giant's mouth. Warren uses that massive tongue to explore and massage the little guy. His glistening teeth and plump lips squeezing and playing with the little guy. 


At the end, Warren makes some lean cuisine and eats messily in front of the tiny. Knowing the little loser likes it. Plenty of maw shots, plenty of armpit, feet, Warren sleeping and being explored by the tiny.


Anyone into HEAVY breathing, this video has loads of it. From Warren inhaling and exhaling his stomach, to his mouth. It's incredibly intimate.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Warren Punishes Pet, Part 2

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