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Warren Punishes Pet, Part 1

21 minutes 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Magic, POV, Armpit (MAJOR), Mouth Play, Foot Play, Shoe Play, Vore, Food Stuffing, Muscle Explore, Robot


Part 1:


This mean jock is DRIPPING in sweat after an intense day in the sun. Peeling off his shoes, he tosses a screaming tiny to the floor. The titan repeatedly stomps and grinds the little guy under his nasty, sweat-soaked socks. He even grabs the flailing guy and drops him into the shoe before slamming his foot back in. This is going to be a LONG day for the tiny. 


"You better do your chores, or you go back to getting under these feet, or under my sweaty ass armpits. You little fuck!"


Laughing as he torments the man, he props his feet up onto the table and begins to drag the shrunken little throughout the toes. He shoves the man’s head between each gap and makes him clean up all the grime. Pieces of lint and other debris are shoveled out of the vile crevice and Warren just continuously taunts his pet. For those that love footplay, this scene is ESPECIALLY HOT. 


Yet that is only the start. For the first time in JockFoot history, Warren torments the tiny with his armpit in an extended scene. I mean he REALLY puts the guy through it. The man is tangled in the blond hairs, forced to slurp down droplets of sweat, and utterly humiliated as Warren just destroys his body with his armpit. Yet that is just the first, dragging him to the second, he repeats the process on much much rougher. 


Warren then goes to a party and warns the loser, who is now grown full size again, not to go through his things. But upon his return, Warren discovers the idiot went through his school report cards- trying to blackmail his bad grades. Being a glutton, Warren simply eats the report card- literally! Shovelling the paper into his mouth, chewing loudly. "I can eat this. I can eat you too lol!"


Warren calls the school to make sure everything is cleared up. He has no patience for the loser at this point.


With the little man broken, Warren only has one conclusion. Popping the man into his mouth, he swallows him whole. However, he never realized the danger he truly is in…


But suddenly, the little man grows back to normal size. And suddenly, HE has the control over Warren!


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Warren Punishes Pet, Part 1

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