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"Under My Spell"- Swallowing Tiny Loser
21 minutes (including Q & A at end) 
THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Magic, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Hiccups, Muscles, Hiccups, VERBAL

"So you got the part over me again??" Austyn yells at Silas (POV), his best friend who in the auditions was able to land the new role on the popular streaming service. At first, Austyn is happy for his friend. But as the minutes tick by, the jock has had enough.


"I actually know a little about magic. Like hypno stuff." He chuckles. "I should just tie you up and throw you in my truck, that way I always will get the part. But I'd rather SHRINK you instead."


POOF! Silas is now only one inch tall. At the mercy of his rival who is not happy about losing the role of a lifetime. Revenge is next.


The titan wastes no time tossing the man into his mouth. The little guy is in love as the wet, warm tongue wraps around his body. Austyn deftly uses his tongue to press the little guy into his cheek, the roof of his mouth, and between his teeth. The crunching noises echo in the room as Austyn bites and chews the man. His large, glistening lips parted ways to show off the perfect teeth. 


Up and down his jaw moves as he savors the flavor of the little guy. 


“You know what you taste pretty good” he grunts out


A bite of spit dribbles down his lips and he quickly slurps it back up. The giant stud opens his mouth extra wide and shows off the man coated in saliva. Huge webs of slime stretch across his maw making any vore fan envious. Austyn closes his mouth and…




He holds the man in his closed mouth letting him stew in the belch. 


“Yeah you hear that, you about to go down there. You like that smell” he taunts the little man before proceeding to chew him up once more. 

The camera zooms in and shows a very clean interior shot of Austyn’s mouth, those teeth gnashing and the interior sparkling in the camera light. Various angles are then seen as Austyn just savors every moment with the little guy. Interior, exterior, zoom ins, and all the while the slurping noises can be heard. Yet it all must come to a end. With a…



The little guy has his dream fulfilled and is sent down to the jock’s stomach. Austyn proceeds to lay back in the bed and show off his perfect tummy. Rubbing and patting it as he helps his body with digestion. His ever growing body is thriving off this human protein. 


"Under My Spell"- Swallowing Tiny Loser

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