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Unaware Mario Lands Dirty Feet on Tiny

Mario walks into the living room groggy and wearing nothing but a tank top and boxer shorts. He kicks his huge size 13 barefeet up on the glass coffee table, unaware that a tiny 1/2 inch tall loser was standing on it. The weight of his feet alone cause the little to topple over, landing by Mario's dirty, smelly heels. "What the fuck is that under my big ass feet?" Mario wonders to himself, as he channel surfs and finds a basketball game to watch. "I feel like it's a roach or something, and I'm a fucking Giant." Mario even giggles that the tiny is tickling his feet, causing his soles to move around. The huge feet continue to rub against the tiny's body, over the glass, and occasionally smothering him completely under nothing but dirty, stinky feet. Soon Mario has had enough of the nuisance, and kicks the little guy off the table- where he lands on the floor, helpless and worthless.


7 minutes

Unaware Mario Lands Dirty Feet on Tiny

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