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Ultimate Logan RAW: Barefoot, Stomping, POV Worship, Vore

60 minutes




With FOUR (4) uncut and raw scenes, with the director's feedback - so you can hear the actor work through his progress. And also of course, see stuff you missed before. More feet, more mouth, MORE Logan! 


Begin with his most famous scene- attacking a helpless, tiny village at his smelly barefeet. See him knock over buildings, mock the littles, and crush puny cars. The it's off to his tiny roommate's apartment, where Logan proceeds to not only toss the little guy in and out of his massive mouth- but also swallow him down, pretend he's stuck in his throat, and then spit him back out. In fact the loser does get wedged down the gullet of this careless jock, but Logan doesn't give a fuck. He also throws the lame into his cereal- and proceeds to eat the cheerios and the tiny at the same time. Belching, and getting hiccups along the way. 


End the video with Logandominating you with his rank feet, standing over you. Hear the director try to talk about where Logan should be from, and hear that cocky laugh emerge once again. An hour of footage, all raw and ready for you! 


NOTE: This set contains the unedited, previously uploaded versions of Logan the Giant Stomps Tiny Village, Logan & Swallows Tiny Roommmate, Logan Drops Tiny into Cereal & Eats Him, and LoganDominates with Smelly Feet. 

Ultimate Logan RAW: Barefoot, Stomping, POV Worship, Vore

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