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Tyrone Burps & Eats Gummies

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Burping, Barefoot Play, Gummy Bears, Soda, Master Domination


21 mins


Tyrone sits on his bed with a package of gummy bears, soda and a massive appetite. "Damn these some BURRPPPP Good ass BWWARPPP gummy bears BURPPP!" The thug starts the humiliation by placing the gummies between his toes. He loves being a dominant alpha thug, with crude manners. He also knows the audience lies watching him eat them.


"You like it when I burp BURRRP Don't you, huh bitch?" Tyrone says, his deep voice bellowing. 


Most of the video is of Tyrone burping. Lots of them. He talks about different foods that make him gassy, like seafood and crabs. He is unstoppable with the amount of belching he does. A must for any Burp fetish fan. 

Tyrone Burps & Eats Gummies

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