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Tyler Turns Brother into Bubble Gum

Tyler the cruel brother has new plans for his 1/2 inch tall loser brother. He magically transforms him into bubble gum. As his voice echoes in the tiny's head, he finds himself gum. "Alright dude, I'm about to go to town on your tiny ass haha". He's thrown into his Giant Bro's cavernous mouth, where he is immediately chewed on. Tyler's massive tongue glistens with saliva, as he starts to blow a bubble with him.  "You little weirdo! What if your friends saw you inside my mouth? Being chewed on by your older brother haha". Closeups reveal Tyler's throat, tongue and sharp teeth. The tiny is caught on his tongue ring, and soon Tyler lets out a few belches to really humiliate the minion. "Oh look, you popped!" Jokes the Giant. He eventually swallows him whole. A New exploration into dark fantasy NOT to be missed! 


8 minutes

Tyler Turns Brother into Bubble Gum

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