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Tyler the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

Tyler is a playful, devious frat boy who loves to bully the runt of the family- his helpless 1/2 inch tall loser brother. He starts off walking into the room with just shorts and white flip flops, mocking how pathetically small his sibling is. "Dude, I told you to wear a bell so we can see your small ass haha!" He knows his brother is secretly turned on by the Jack and the Beanstalk fantasy, and being called Jack himself- Tyler wastes no time in sarcastically walking towards him like the Jolly Green Giant did. "Fe Fi Fo Fummm, Here I come!" Laughing sadistically, he decides his little bro should go inside one of his flip flops. His sweaty toes easily massaging and smothering him. After being tossed in the flip flop, Tyler throws him onto the floor and stomps around on him. Then he lays on the bed and puts the tiny inbetween his toes, laughing harder at his predicament. "My foot is like a landscape to you!" Tyler mocks, and as his tiny brother lays helplessly on the sole- the jock once again taunts him with "Fe Fi Fo Fum!" One of the hottest, and MOST VERBAL clips, in JFH History! 


19 minutes

Tyler the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

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