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Tyler Swallows Tiny Loser Watching TV

34 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Burping (TONS), Hiccups, Vore, Verbal, Mouth Play, Candy Snacking


BRAND NEW!!! Tyler sits barefoot watching TV about monstrous Giants swallowing tinies, while letting out HUGE burps, belches, hiccups and more burps! He drinks soda, makes sarcastic remarks, and eventually picks up the shrunken loser from his class and begins imitating the movies - popping the inch tall dweeb in and out of his mouth. 




Heavy footsteps. The Giant in the movie is coming towards the tiny. Tyler is grinning. "No tiny person can catch a Giant. All they can do it - BURPPPPP- run!" The tiny in the movie (off screen) hides now. "Oh he's def gonna get eaten! He's so stupid!"


"BURRRPPPP!!!!!!!!!! OOPS! BURRRRPPPPPPP!!!!" Tyler laughs, getting so many burps, in between sen- BURRRPPP- tences! 


"Down the hatch you go, you pathetic little bitch hahaha!" 




Tyler vapes on the lame shrunken dork, then tosses the loser into his throat, mentioning where he's going. "You just smacked into my uvula - now you're on my tongue - and OOPS, now you're going down the gullet! Uh-oh!" 


"BURRPPP!!!" Tyler eats more candy, watching the Giant eat the loser on TV. Looking into the camera, he smirks. "I guess that IS like your ass. You almost narrowly escape, before BRRRAAAPPPPPP hitting the back of my throat haha!"


The Giant's playful, sarcastic and mean nature is just what we've missed all these years from him. 


The final minutes of the video have Tyler bloated from eating pumpkin and cherry pie earlier, so he comments on why he is actually burping as he keeps mouth playing with the tiny.


This is an experimental video, the final video JFP did with the popular jock back in 2017. He does do repetitive remarks, but for any Tyler fan and ESPECIALLY anyone into hot straight dudes that burp and have no manners, this is the clip for you! 


NOTE: The beginning of the video is Tyler just watching, eating gummy candy, commenting and burping about the monster movies he is watching. As it progresses, he picks up the tiny loser.

Tyler Swallows Tiny Loser Watching TV

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